Corporate Profile


bullet6.gif (2359 bytes) Dental Products of India Ltd. (DPI) is a Pioneer in the Manufacture of Dental materials in India.

bullet6.gif (2359 bytes) DPI is part of the Health Care Division of one of the most well-known and respected industrial conglomerates in India, the Wadia Group.

bullet6.gif (2359 bytes) DPI is only dental company in India that has the BIS (ISI) mark of quality for its major products.

bullet6.gif (2359 bytes) DPI  has an extensive Dealer network of over 120 dealers and company sales personnel spread across the vast territory of India.

bullet6.gif (2359 bytes) DPI is also in the process in upgrading its systems to cater  more efficiently to the needs of our customers, beginning with an ISO 9002 certification.